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Website + Strategy

Recommended Package

Website + Content

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The Website Creation Process

Step One

We make a strategy and understand your users and their goals. What you want the users to do on your website.

Step Two

Listing and layout of all the pages on the website, deciding where the information should sit and the navigation needed to browse the website.

Step Three

The content of each page and the flow of information to help the users accomplish their goals with as few steps as possible.

Step Four

This is all about how the design looks its aesthetics, buttons, colours and type. How things are spaced out on the page.

Step Five

The website is designed, coded and tested on the servers.

Step Six

The website is made available live online to your users.

“Rashid is an extremely experienced designer whom I first met when he completed his communication diploma back in 2001. The longevity of our working relationship is testament to his skills and craft. I highly recommend him - chat to him and see”
Steve Morrison
Founder - LegendLive

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Your good at what you do and i’m good at what i do, together we can formulate a plan for a winning strategic sales solution for you. 

You've seen the ad, tried the app and spent weeks designing

Everything is made to look easy when companies want you to subscribe and buy from them – they want your money, simple.

The resources used, time spent and the design looking good but not successful in attracting customers. websites are not about pretty pictures but a journey that the client wants to travel down.

Call to PLAN the journey

It worked for them and it can for you - check them out

Arora Medical Education – a medical education website providing online video courses, audiobook courses and immersion day events alongside ecommerce catalog.

the existing website was re-branded to make the booking easier, faster and more convenient for the users.

  • re-branding of existing website
  • tripled sales x3 – more revenue
  • clear call to actions
  • direct to cart – faster checkout
  • consistent design across website
Arora Medical Education Case Study

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