Hey, I'm Rashid

I’m a Digital Doodler, Website Designer and a Brand Strategist.

From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to do something creative with my life. I loved to doodle between the margins in my textbooks and constantly aligning calligraphy scripts too.

Rashid Mahmood Photo

I studied Media Communication at Design School and pursued a career in the arts. I worked in Television, Radio, New Media & Print. Yes, Web Design was called New Media when I studied it. I loved Print & New Media and the effects that it had on the client’s emotions. It still has that effect even today.

My first freelance contract website was in 1998 whilst still studying Communications and 22 years later I am still designing Websites and Branding companies. It’s a cliché but I love what I do and I’m very passionate about my chosen design field.

My clients built working relationships with me and I want to see you succeed and achieve your goals. Most of my design work is for clients that I have been designing for years. I see clients grow from an acorn to an oak tree. Imagine having free time to focus on developing your skills whilst the website is on auto-pilot.

I have helped clients with their businesses and I know the pain of an underperforming website — you might even be dealing with one right now. You have spent a lot of time, and maybe even a lot of money on it. So why isn’t it helping your business grow?

This field is my passion and I am not going to sugar coat anything and will always be honest with you. If we are “right” for each other and I know I can help you – I will tell you. If not – I will help you find best path to move forward. I don’t want to waste your money and your time or mine.

My commercial industry knowledge about website design, marketing, email messaging, optimisation and even sales psychology is available for you. I love to help professionals like you make the most out of your website to strike the deepest connection possible between you and your potential customers.

I’ll help you find and target your ideal customers to your website and then speak to them in a way that the message will resonate with them. This will directly translate into more business and more revenue.

My favourite thing is helping business owners like you reach their first six-figure year by creating strategies that are easy and exciting to implement. I’ll help you take bold actions to create amazing results in business so you make more money in less time and have fun doing it.

I know that you have big goals for your business and life and I want to help you take the actions that will create true and lasting success. Feel free to e-mail me at rashid@rmdesigns.co.uk or schedule a complimentary clarity call using my calendar.

I can’t wait to get to know and design for you!